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How does the Valvoline 10W-60 motor oil work?

The Valvoline 10W-60 is perhaps one of the most popular motor oils in the IE for those who drive BMWs and especially the M5 and M3. The lubricant has been specially fashioned for petrol driven turbo engines or race engines as they are commonly referred to. However, it can be used in regular passenger cars as well. The formulation according to the company offers vehicles that extra bit of reserve they need to cope with extreme driving conditions like in rallies and races. The exclusive lubricating factor helps to minimize friction which in turn enhances an engine’s power output. So, drivers will experience less engine noise yet feel smooth and quick acceleration.

The use of top quality base oils

One of the reasons why the Valvoline 10W-60 comes highly recommended by top end car manufacturers like BMW is because it relies on the best base oils. Plus, a sublime additive matrix ensures excellent thermal stability which in turn protects the engine against excessive wear. However, that makes the oil also suitable for regular city or highway driving. The oil film technology helps to prevent the breakdown of parts like the pistons of engine walls. So, your car runs better, the engine lasts longer, and you also experience better fuel consumption.

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