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The new and improved Engine-oil Valvoline


All engine oil is meant to minimize the metal to metal type contact that takes place inside of all engines. The impact of metal meeting metal creates a lot of friction and wear so the job of engine oil is to minimize it as much as possible. Good engine oil does a better job than low-quality oil, and hence extends the life of that engine. Engine oil like the Engine-oil Valvoline eliminates up to 85% of that wear and tear which is much more than any other motor oil available today. Though newer formulations continue to make things better. However, the approach in terms of how the wear is minimized also remains essentially the same. The Valvoline engine oil, for instance, creates and maintains a lubricating film across all the metal parts which reduce contact and consequently friction. Extensive testing has proven that Valvoline exceeds all the latest standards set by car manufacturers.


How does your engine performance improve?


One of the things that we have always been asked is if using Valvoline in an old engine will improve performance. It should if the engine is in excellent condition. If the pistons are worn out, or the bores are too large then apparently even the best motor oil can’t do anything about those inefficiencies which are reducing its performance. That said if you’re experiencing bad performance on an otherwise new or good condition engine Engine-oil Valvoline should boost performance. Valvoline is known for improving fuel consumption, reducing wear and improves acceleration. Many tests have shown that when an engine is lubricated using high-quality engine oil, the results are a smooth and efficient engine. It is for this reason that it comes highly recommended.


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