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QUARTZ 7000 10W-40
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What does the new Total QUARTZ contain?

The new Total QUARTZ comes with a breakthrough technology called ART which stands from Age Resistance, Technology. It's a innovation which increases the interaction between oil molecules which in turn creates a very resistant molecule structure. This structure helps to prevent the lubricant’s protective film from tearing regardless of the conditions. It also protects from the buildup of sludge, friction and extreme pressure. That said the new QUARTZ brand can be used in engine of all types and sizes. So, whether you own the latest sedan or a dated van or SUV the new formulation will definitely add life and durability to it.

Does it extend oil change duration?

The Total QUARTZ has from the very beginning been one of the few oils that car owners can trust will continue to deliver even past its oil change date. Though not recommended by car manufacturers the oil change duration can be lengthened without significant damage to the engine. The exact period will vary depending on the vehicle you own. However, we strongly recommend that you keep track of the last oil change and not drive it more than a hundred to two hundred kilometers past its expiration.

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