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Why buy the Total 5W-40?

There are many reasons to buy the Total 5W-40 engine oil for your car. For starters, it comes with a brand new formulation which helps protect your engine from extended wear and tear. Unlike other engine protection formulas, Total’s approach is radically new which improves the molecular bonding ensuring protection even under the highest pressure and temperatures. Plus, the shield is extended to both large and small vehicles alike, which is regardless of engine age or condition. So, everyone can get a little bit extra out of their engine without having to pay more.

Better fuel economy

Even though Total does not advertise better fuel economy tests have shown that the new formulation improves it significantly in vehicles of all types. According to automotive experts, the Total 5W-40 forms a layer of protection which additionally also lowers the friction index considerably. A Low friction index means that the pistons can move through more easily hence you can do higher speeds, with better acceleration but with lower fuel consumption. All of this is possible with vehicles of all sizes and types.

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