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How does Total engine oil protect a modern engine?


One of the claims made by Total is that its engine oil can increase the life of a modern engine by providing excellent protection. The company uses an array of additives which ensures that the engine is protected by a layer of lubricant, reducing wear and tear. Reduced friction also leads to longer lasting pistons, not to mention better fuel economy. The company’s claim has been tested over the years and proven to be true for both small and large vehicles alike so as long as the oil is changed on time.


How to know that engine oil is original?


It goes without saying that there are many websites proclaiming to sell genuine oil in the IE when in fact they are not. Replicas or knock offs as they are called happen to be fairly common, and it does damage to the reputation of big brands like Total. Low-quality engine oil can wreak havoc with an engine causing it to seize and perform poorly. The only way to avoid this from happening is to buy directly from a distributor online or offline.


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