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Why use Engine-oil Total?


Over the past couple of years, many car manufacturers have introduced various new engine types. These engines are not only lighter but more fuel efficient. Today’s 130 HP engine is perhaps a dozen times if not more fuel efficient than one from twenty years ago. However, this fuel efficiency relies on the ability of the motor oil to reduce friction. So, naturally better motor oil will improve efficiency and in turn fuel economy. Plus, the lubricants need to have a mixture of several different additives which clean the engine and actively removes sludge. That’s where using the Engine-oil Total comes in for the vast majority of vehicle owners in the IE. It has been extensively tested and known to be effective at boosting engine performance considerably. Plus, it is competitively priced by Total making it a no-brainer for vehicle owners.


Why is Total motor oil recommended?


Each time you start the car the engine goes through the warm-up phase. It takes a few seconds for the lubricant to reach the engine. However, if the lubricant is too thin it will freeze up during the winter and during the summer will not provide adequate lubrication. Then there is a problem with lubricants that are thick since they take longer to lubricate the engine but provide sufficient protection during the summer. The important thing about all synthetic engine oil is that the quality of their base oils matter. Trusted and well-known brands like Total use only high-quality base oils. Plus, Engine-oil Total is further fortified with a series of additives which increases the level of protection. Better protection naturally translates to longer engine life. So, it is always a good idea to buy motor oil from a trusted and well-known brand. Then make sure to choose the right viscosity based on what the vehicle manufacturer recommends.


Always buy quality motor oil


Engine-oil.iepromises to always sell high-quality motor oil for cars, vans, and motorcycles. We have over the course of many years established ourselves as the leaders in the industry. Our team consistently revises prices, and we continue to form partnerships to ensure that buyers benefit from the most competitive prices. Though each time you buy Engine-oil Total, you can be sure it is genuine. You can also be sure that you are going to save money.