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Shell Helix 5W-40 is the most advanced formulation

The fully synthetic Shell Helix 5W-40 is one of the most advanced formulations meant for high-performance engines. Today’s vehicles are designed to be fuel economical, light yet powerful. Car manufacturers invest billions in developing new engines that are better than they ever were before. However, most of that technology relies heavily on good engine oil. So, the better your motor oil, the better your car will perform and the more you’ll save at the petrol station. The new Shell Helix has been developed to keep pace with the latest engine technologies. The fully synthetic oil can help engines bear the stress brought on by daily driving, pulling heavy loads or being driven in harsh conditions. Plus, all Shell motor oils are certified for use in Renault, Porsche, Fiat, and Ferrari amongst others. That makes the Helix the perfect choice regardless of the vehicle you own.

How to change the engine oil?

Changing the engine oil in most cars is pretty simple. The idea behind changing the oil is that after a while (a certain number of kilometers) the oil loses its viscosity. Over the years motor oils have improved, but they still have an overall usage life. However, when it is time to change the oil, the old motor oil needs to be completely drained. You can drain the oil by slipping under your car and locating a small nut right underneath the area from where oil is put. Undo the bolt, and all the oil will drain out in a few short seconds. You then screw that nut back in and pour in fresh Shell Helix 5W-40. We strongly advise that along with changing the oil vehicle owners also change the air and fuel filter. Doing so improves overall vehicle performance and keeps the oil clean.

The best motor oil is just one click away has made purchasing high quality and branded motor oil very easy. We have listed all the best brands and their respective motor oils with viscosities. So, all you need is to locate the right one as recommended by your car manufacturer in the user manual. Though we sell lubricants by an array of brands we still highly recommend the Shell Helix 5W-40 motor oil. Plus, our partnership with Shell and other brands allows us to offer some of the best prices. So, our buyers save both time and money when buying from