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Who should buy the Shell Helix 10W-40?

The Shell Helix 10W-40 is a high-performance motor oil designed and meant for vehicles that are driven extensively through all types of terrain. It can be used in cars, vans and heavy vehicles where 10W-40 is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The new Shell Helix line of motor oil benefits from its patented PurePlus technology which is, in fact, a mixture of certain additives which helps to keep the engine clean. In larger engines keeping them clean can be somewhat of a challenge. That said the additives used by Shell have been proven to knock the dirt and grime lose from within the engine and drains it out when the oil is changed. Though this feature isn’t unique to Shell, the difference with Shell is that their motor oil has been independently tested and proven to have this feature. Plus, excellent lubrication directly translates to fuel efficiency.

When should 10W-40 motor oil be used?

10W-40 motor oil should only be used if it is recommended by your car manufacturer. That said like all lubricants the Shell Helix 10W-40 is multi-grade motor oil, which means that it has two viscosities. In the case of 10W-40, it is both 10 and 40 ‘W.’ Multi-grade motor oils have been around for over fifty years and were mainly meant to help people avoid having to use a thinner oil in winter and then a thicker oil in summer. However, the lower the ‘W’ figure, the better is its low-temperature performance and cold start. The ‘40’ in the specifications means that the oil will fall within these limits when the temperature in the engine is 100oC. So, obviously the lower this number is, the thinner the oil will be. That said the best time to use a 10W-40 motor oil, in general, is during the summer.

Motor oil experts you can trust specializes in selling only branded and high-quality motor oil. We know just how important your car’s engine is and even the slightest problem owing to bad or low-quality motor oil can cost hundreds of pounds in repairs. It is for this reason that we strongly advise that our customers invest in only branded motor oil. The Shell Helix 10W-40 is an engine oil that we highly recommended and comes recommended by a long line of car manufacturers. Plus, you can buy the engine oil at competitive prices when you choose to do so from