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How good is the Shell Helix-Ultra?

Shell is one of the few lubricant manufacturers who continue to improve their formulation almost every second year. The company revises and improves the formulation of just about every engine oil to accommodate better performance and the latest engine technologies. The updates are also based on millions of users who provide the company with their insightful feedback. It is for this reason that the Shell Helix-Ultra is considered as being one of the leading brands of motor oil in the world. It is a brand that’s trusted by millions of motorists from across the world. It is also a brand that’s highly recommended by vehicle manufacturers and experts alike for people who want to ensure a long engine life.

How does good motor oil keep the engine clean?

One of the most common problems with engines and which reduces performance is the build-up of sludge. It goes without saying that over time the buildup causes the pistons to slow down, and it can even hinder the flow of lubricant through the engine. These issues can eventually lead to a drop in engine performance, lower fuel efficiency and when not fixed over a longer period of time cause the engine to seize eventually. It is for this reason that the Shell Helix-Ultra comes highly recommended. The company uses a unique formulation which combined with additives continually cleans the sludge. Sludge removal removes any and all hindrances and also reduces friction. The result is a much more efficient engine that’s also highly fuel efficient. Plus, it extends the life of an engine considerably.

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