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Why should you choose the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-40?

Shell currently sells a pretty long list of motor oil which ranges from ones for 4x4 and trucks to motorcycles and passenger cars. Each type of oil manufactured by the company is meant for a specific type of engine and for a particular set of driving conditions. Shell is one of the few companies that happens to have invested billions in developing lubricants for some of the most cutting-edge engines in use today. Plus, their claims of cleaning the engine, improving fuel efficiency and enhancing engine life has been proven independently. So, perhaps one of the biggest reasons why anyone would choose the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-40 is because it keeps their engine running optimally. However, there are other reasons like many vehicle manufacturers recommend Shell’s oil too. Also, Shell sells fully synthetic engine oil which lasts longer compared to mineral or semi-synthetic oil.

Branded engine oil compared to average ones

One of the most frequently asked questions by average buyers is why buying branded engine oil is so important. After all, on the surface, both oils look the same, and the engine does not seem to be performing any better. The fact is that the viscosity rating on your user manual, i.e., the one recommended by the car manufacturer like 5W-40 only tells you what type of motor oil to buy. What it does not tell you is what additives it should have, and whether or not it should keep the engine clean. Some manufacturers will outright endorse the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-40 since it has been tested in their engines. Though the major difference between a Shell motor oil and any other cheap brand will be in its engine protection and cleaning properties. Obviously, cheap motor oil needs to skimp on features to save money, and these are often detrimental to your vehicle.

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