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Shell 5W-30 is the most advanced motor oil

Shell uses one of the most advanced formulations meant for high-performance engines. Shell is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge engine oils for all types of vehicles. The company understands the needs of the latest engines and the fact that technology is changing which directly means that synthetic oil also needs to evolve accordingly. So, Shell uses a new method of producing synthetic base oils that are mainly made using the patented Shell PurePlus Technology involving natural gas.

Shell Helix Ultra is a top tier engine oil

The PurePlus technology used to produce Shell 5W-30 ensures that the engine remains protected and clean. The adequately dubbed Active Cleaning Technology is at the heart of the Helix brand. According to shell, a clean engine is one that runs better, leaner and faster. The low viscosity and reduced friction improve fuel economy by 1.4%. The oil can be used in gasoline, gas, diesel and biodiesel engines.

Choose from a large selection of branded oil

We currently sell a large selection of branded motor oils by well-known brands like Shell. Shell is known to produce quality oils which have helped car owners keep their engines running lean and clean for decades. In addition to the Shell 5W-30, we also sell other variants which may be better suited for your vehicle. Please refer to your car or motorcycle’s user manual prior to buying a 5W-30 oil. Buy oils from leading brands at and get a discount.