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How good is the Shell 0W-40 with PurePlus Tech?

Also referred to as the Shell Helix Ultra line of motor oil, it is amongst the top tier engine oil by the company. The PurePlus Technology helps to keep the engine clean for an extended period of time. The Active Cleansing Technology is at the heart of the new Shell Helix, it allows for the product to ensure much higher levels of cleaning and engine protection. The Shell 0W-40 has over the years come highly recommended by vehicle manufacturers and experts alike.

When to use the Ultra 0W-40?

The Shell 0W-40 can be used in both new as well as older vehicles. The low viscosity coupled with its low friction features adds a 1.9% better fuel economy, not to mention superior protection against wear and corrosion. Another characteristic is the fact that it makes cold starts easier which is a much liked feature especially owing to cold winters in the IE. The lubricant can be used in gasoline, ethanol blends as well as in biodiesel vehicles. Plus, the oil lasts longer compared to ones by other brands. That said before using a 0W-40 viscosity make sure that its compatible with your vehicle.

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