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Why use the Shell Helix-Ultra 0W-40 motor oil?

Shell is without a doubt one of the most established names in the aftermarket lubrication industry. The company has carved out a loyal following across the world that trust it to deliver the best motor oil. Shell manufacturers and sells the most advanced formulation of motor oil destined for high-performance engines. The Shell Helix-Ultra 0W-40 is the company’s top-tier engine oil which has been formulated using the company’s trademarked PurePlus Technology. PurePlus helps keep engines clean with its Active Cleansing formula. So, regardless of whether you own a new or an old car, the motor oil will revitalize and extend its service life. The motor oil is fit for use in an array of engine types ranging from ethanol to gasoline. Plus, it meets the lubrication requirements and specifications of leading car manufacturers like Porsche, Fiat, Renault, etc.

Why choose branded motor oil?

Over the years one of the things that have been debated is the difference between cheap and expensive branded motor oil. In the past critics have made the point that there was no way to prove that branded engine oil was better. However, the latest independent studies show that brands like Shell do in fact manufacture oil that keeps the engine well lubricated, clean and in fact does reduce fuel consumption. That difference has become even more profound in the latest engines that are designed to be extremely fuel efficient. Plus, their smaller and lighter frame puts a significant emphasis on better lubrication. It is for this reason that vehicle owners are strongly advised to buy Shell Helix-Ultra 0W-40. That said before you do, please check the car’s user manual to make sure that 0W-40 is recommended. If not be rest assured that Shell sells the same formulation in other viscosities too.

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