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Why choose the Selenia 10W-40?

The Selenia 10W-40 is a special motor oil that’s designed for cars equipped with a turbo charged, multi-valve or diesel engine vehicles with either direct or indirect injection. However, the brand has stated that the oil can also be used for aspirated diesel vehicles. One of the most advantageous features of the Selenia brand of motor oils, in general, is its anti thickening formulation. In most modern motor oils the build up of carbon residue which is a byproduct of combustion can cause the oil to thicken. When an oil is able to resist this, it effectively lasts longer and reduces the chances of engine problems significantly.

Main characteristics

One of the primary characteristics of the Selenia 10W-40 is the fact that it offers much better cold starting owing to its smooth fluidity throughout the engine. It also provides some of the best resistance to high temperatures as compared to other motor oils in this price bracket. Plus, the optimal dispersion of additives ensures that your engine is protected from the time it's started till it's stopped. The Selenia brand of motor oil comes recommend by Fiat as well as other European car manufacturers. Though many companies advise that the oil be changed every 10,000 km in direct injection cars.

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