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The qualities of the Repsol 5W-30 motor oil

Repsol 5W-30 has been specifically designed to for vehicles that have a built in exhaust fume processing system. The oil has been formulated with a very low ash content making it suitable for engines with the latest technologies. In addition, the oil helps to protect the environment by reducing the amount of harmful emissions. Plus, since it is a synthetic oil that means it extends the life of a vehicle’s engine and can be changed after an extended period of time or as recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

Get better performance

Owing to its quality, Repsol 5W-30 is able to reduce the amount of deposits as compared to competing synthetic oils sold in the market. In addition, the layer formed around the engine head, and pistons helps to reduce wear and friction. The layer formed also improves the efficiency of an engine considerably. The oil is compatible with diesel particle filter technology making it environmentally friendly. However, it is important to make sure that 5W-30 oils are compatible with your vehicle before buying.

Buy oils at the best prices

Buying quality oil does not have to be expensive. The Repsol 5W-30 is considered a quality oil for cars owners that want to improve performance while continuing to remain environmentally friendly. We assure our buys that all oils sold are original and come complete with the manufacturer’s guarantee of quality. You can buy the full range of Respol branded oils at discounted prices at