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The Respol Elite Turbo Life engine oil


When it comes to diesel engine oils, the Respol Elite Turbo Life stands head over heels amongst the others. The company uses a patented lubricant technology which makes the oil best suited for diesel engine cars that use a unitary pump injection system. It is one of the few oils on the market that comes highly recommended by European car manufacturers in general. Elite Turbo’s unique features include its engine cleaning and lubricating technology which can also be used to clean older engines. Plus, the oil meets the strict fuel saving requirements which have been laid out by the European motor oil classification board. The oil is environmentally friendly owing to low consumption and reduced emissions as compared to other lubricants.


Benefits to your car when using Elite Turbo Life

One of the biggest benefits of using Elite Turbo Life motor oils is the fact that it prevents wear and tear. Its anti-wear properties have been tested in many mechanical injection systems. Better lubrication and reduced wear naturally result in much better fuel consumption at both low and high temperatures. In addition, car owners will be especially happy to hear that the oil actually prolongs the need for an oil change, it is a feature that is pretty much available across all of Repsol’s products. Plus older engines or engines which have been rebuilt benefit from its better detergent power which cleans the engine and which adds life to it. Elite Turbo Life adheres to the VW 506.01/503.00/506.00 quality standard.


Buy original Repsol oil


Buying original oil should be of your prime concern. We have been selling the ‘Elite Turbo Life’ line of oil for a very long time and guarantee that it’s an original product. Plus, at offer all motor oils at the best prices helping you save money off each purchase.