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A Little Insight Into Nissan And Its Oils

Nissan is one of the leading car brands in the world. The Nissan Motor Company Ltd is a multinational automobile manufacturing company that is located in Japan. This company was started in 1933. There are three different car brands that are on offer by Nissan: Datsun, Infiniti, and Nissan. Each of these car brands meets the need of different car users as they fall into various categories like luxury, low cost, etc. Driving the car with the right kind of Nissan engine oils will give the necessary lubrication that the engine and its parts need. These motor oils undergo stringent tests to enhance the performance characteristics before they are let out on sale in the market. The engine oils are made to suit the petrol and diesel engines of different Nissan car models.

The Different Types Of Nissan Engine Oils On Sale

The Nissan 5W-40 engine oil is a versatile oil that offers very good viscosity to meet the needs of the car engines. This oil will offer the best lubrication that the engine needs in both low and high temperatures. These oils can be used to work efficiently on most of the Nissan petrol and diesel engine cars. Some of the important features of the quality engine oil include fuel economy; reduce wear and tear of engine parts, and top end cleaning of dirty engines. The Nissan 10W-40 genuine engine oil is formulated and made specifically to suit the engines under the hood of Nissan cars. The Nissan oil is designed specifically to meet the demands of all driving conditions and high and low temperatures.

The Important Characteristics Of Nissan Engine Oils

The Nissan oils ensure that the engine and its parts are kept as cheap as possible for a long time. This will help in decreasing the wear and tear on the engine. The oil is made using high-grade base oil and the right additives to offer excellent engine performance. These oils from Nissan will ensure that the engine is kept at optimal and consumes less fuel. This is a high-performance semi-synthetic engine oil that is suited for driving in the city, highway and also in high ambient temperatures. It offers excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability. The oil sold at offers the right kind of lubrication that the engine parts need so that they offer sustained protection for the engine components.