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What makes Mofin 5W-40 superior motor oil?

Mofin 5W-40 is a premium grade oil meant for vehicles with both a diesel and petrol engine. The engines can either be or not be turbocharged. In most cases, the oil works best for vehicles which are not meticulously maintained by their owners. The concept of longer maintenance intervals is new but one which allows for vehicle owners to save more money. Also, premium quality oil ensures that the vehicle operates safely under almost all conditions. The protective layer formed across all movable parts within the engine provides much better performance and added fuel efficiency.

Knowing what motor oil will work best with your vehicle

The Mofin 5W-40 is considered premium quality motor oil. However, the oil is not meant for all types of vehicles. It is important to refer to your car’s user manual to identify if 5W-40 is the right grade. That said we sell an array of Mofin branded oils for all cars. So, if you’re interested in only using Mofin’s premium oil you can find all of them on our website and that too at competitive prices. You can also be assured that all producs are genuine.

Why buy from us?

We have made buying good quality, branded and trustworthy motor oil easy. We carry branded oils such as the Mofin 5W-40 at comparatively lower prices. So, purchase the oil of your choice from today and save money on your purchase.