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What is Washer antifreeze?

Most Brits and Europeans, in general, know that when temperatures plummet to near zero or below zero their car’s washer fluid can stop flowing properly. Often the washer fluid will freeze up in the lines which prevent it from working. Plus, freezing of the fluid can also cause harm to the pumps which in turn then need to be replaced. Washer antifreeze helps to solve both these problems. The antifreeze prevents the fluid from freezing up during the winter and so it also helps protect the pump from malfunctioning.

When is the best time to use antifreeze?

According to experts antifreeze, in general, should be used in October or latest September because then it can last until April of the following year at which time it can be changed. Make sure to buy a quality antifreeze from a reputed brand. In addition to adding Washer Antifreeze also get the washing mechanism checked by a mechanic so as to avoid problems during winter. However, in most cases changing the fluid and adding antifreeze is all you need to do. Antifreeze can be added to the washer bottle of all cars, vans, and trucks to prevent it from freezing.

Buy only branded washer fluid


We firmly recommend that people buy only branded Washer antifreeze because that way they can be sure of the quality. Nobody wants to be stuck with a malfunctioning washer because the fluid froze despite having used antifreeze. At you can be assured of only branded anti-freeze when buying from us. Plus, you save money on each purchase of antifreeze.