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What features does Mobil-1 SUPER have to offer?


One of the most outstanding features of the new Mobil-1 SUPER is its engine protection even at 400-degrees Fahrenheit. The company’s formulation offers unsurpassed engine performance boosting qualities which are made possible by keeping the engine clean. Furthermore, the formulation can be used across both new and used engines and which in both cases it increases performance and improves engine life significantly. The Super range of engine oil actively removes sludge and reduces engine oil consumption which is a problem with older engines. Additionally, it ensures that your engine performs optimally in all types of weather and in all driving conditions. So, users of this engine oil will experience an overall boost regardless of the vehicle that they own.


Why choose branded motor oil?


Well, one of the most significant reasons to choose a branded motor oil especially from a brand like Mobil is that it has been extensively tested and researched. Mobil is one of the topmost engine oil brands in the industry, and every formulation is extensively tested and even revised over the years. So, you can be sure that the Mobil-1 SUPER you buy will not only be one of the best investments in motor oil but also that it will improve engine performance as promised. That said Mobil backs all their products with a warranty which ensures buyers that they are buying a product that the company stands firmly behind. Then there is also the fact that Mobil oil is one of the most sought-after lubricants in the EU, despite it being manufactured by an American brand. All of this is reason enough to choose Mobil over any other brand of motor oil in the IE regardless of the vehicle you own.


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