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How is Mazda engine oil different from others?

Mazda is perhaps best known for their high performance and economy cars. The company manufactures an array of vehicles with special engines which require a different type of lubrication. So, the company designs and manufactures motor oil that’s best meant for their cars. While the company highly recommends that car owners use their oil, they also recommend other oils. That said finding a good quality oil can be difficult especially if you own their vehicle which is why buying an oil by the company works best.

Top quality performance and engine economy

Mazda promises its customers excellent engine economy and performance. The motor oil coats the pistons and engine walls with a special material which is said to provide an added layer of protection. Consequently, a well-protected engine lasts longer and offers better fuel economy. However, you need to buy the right oil for your car. Make sure to check your car’s user manual for the required specifications for both summer and winter oil. Also, change your oil weeks before summer or winter whichever may be the case for better cold starts and stable performance.

All genuine oils under one roof

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