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Why are lubricants important?


Cars and trucks are machines with moving parts. However, friction can cause the moving parts to wear down and not to perform as desired. Take, for instance, the internal combustion engine that needs to run constantly in a near frictionless environment for maximum output. Lubricants work as a layer between two moving parts reducing friction and in turn, wear and tear. The right type of lubrication can also help to extend the life of a moving part(s). 


Types of lubricants 


Generally speaking, there are dozens of different kinds of lubricants in use today. The primary difference being divided into two categories i.e. synthetic and natural. Natural oils are void of numerous chemicals and so are not ideal for all situations. However, synthetic lubricants are custom tailored to perform under tremendous pressure, include the right additives and even be environmentally friendly. It is for this reason that you’ll find that the vast majority of lubricants are synthetic, and that’s something engineers highly recommend. 


Buying the right lubricants 


To purchase the right lubricant you need to know the exact viscosity required by your machine. The viscosity refers to the thickness of the lubricant required by the machine. The thickness or viscosity will vary from one device to the other, for instance, the viscosity of engine oil will be different from that of gear oil. So, to buy lubricants with the right thickness refer to the vehicle’s or machine’s user manual for guidance. That said at you can be assured of the highest quality lubricants by well-known brands such as High Performer and Castrol in addition to many others.