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What sets the Liqui-Moly TOP-TEC apart from the others?

The Liqui-Moly TOP-TEC is one of the best motor oils designed for both diesel and gasoline engines alike. It can be used in diesel engine vehicles either with or without a particulate filter or DFP installed. The motor oil excels at providing unsurpassed performance thanks to the use of an unconventional set of basic oils, that are blended together using state of the art synthetic technology. The latest additives are added to provide further engine protection while reducing fuel consumption. The Top Tec line of Liqui-Moly’s oils has also been crowned as one of the leaders of engine protection especially in vehicles driven in rough conditions. The other great thing about this motor oil is the fact that cars can be driven for up to 30,000 kilometers without an oil change. But that depends on if the car manufacturer permits it.

Other notable features of the Top-Tec motor oil

One of the best features of the Top-Tech line of Liqui-Moly motor oil is that it meets if not exceeds the emission standards set forth by Euro IV and V., In addition, it has been proven as the best motor oil for use in LPG and CNG vehicles. Vehicle owners that use the Liqui-Moly TOP-TEC will notice that their engines run a lot smoother thanks to better lubrication and motor oil that’s literally heat proof to a great extent. Plus, its ability to be rapidly delivered even during freezing temperatures reduces if not eliminates instances of cold start engine wear. Cars using the Top-Tec oil are known to emit far fewer pollutants while keeping the engine clean. The motor oil has been extensively tested in both turbocharged vehicles and those with catalytic converters.

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