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Why should you buy Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL?

The Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL is a fully synthetic motor oil which reduces friction within the engine and improves performance. The oil is designed to be used around the year regardless of the temperature or driving conditions. It is designed for the latest multi-valve engines as well as turbocharged engines. If anything these of high-quality base oils, as well as Liqui-Moly’s own additives, increases the ability for the motor oil to not just protect the engine but also improve its performance. The motor oil has been tested extensively over the years and is highly recommended by European car manufacturers. Though it can be used in American and Japanese cars too. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to buy the right viscosity since the Synthoil is available in various ratings.

What conditions make using Synthoil motor oil the best?

The Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL motor oil is designed to be used in all conditions. It can also be used in all vehicles. Liqui-Moly does not limit the scope of its engine oil in any way. However, some engines will particularly benefit from the use of this oil which includes cars older than five years old, daily driven vehicles and those that are driven in either high or low temperatures. The motor oil’s ability to maintain its viscosity for an extended period of time ensures that your engine is protected against wear and tear. It also means that you can prolong your next oil change though it is not recommended by either the motor oil brand or many car manufacturers. The important thing when getting the oil changed is to drain the oil completely, then change the oil filter too.

All the motor oil you’ll need is one of the top sellers of high-performance motor oil in the UK and Europe. The company has been selling Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL for many years and stands by the quality of the brand. The Synthoil line of motor oil has been extensively tested in cars with turbochargers and catalytic converters. As a matter of fact, the company has partnered with many similar motor oil brands to ensure that buyers benefit from the best prices. Regular buyers benefit from occasional discounts, and so do those who buy in bulk. Shipping and handling is also free for buyers in the UK who choose