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Why is the Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL 0W-40 so popular?

Well, one of the reasons for the popularity of all Liqui-Moly motor oil, in general, is the fact that the company has established excellent credibility in the automotive industry. The Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL 0W-40 is known for being one of the best fully synthetic motor oils that money can buy. That said it also comes highly recommended by many vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and VW, for the simple reason that it is compatible with their engine technology. What’s more is the fact that Liqui-Moly fully backs their motor oil with a warranty. So, even newbie vehicle owners know that they can trust a brand that is both highly recommended by the car’s manufacturer and takes ownership of their products.

How does Liqui-Moly motor oil improve engine performance?

One of the most common questions vehicle owners ask is how engine oil can help to improve performance. Most people assume that engine oil only lubricates the engine and so they are all the same. In reality, all engine oil is different. Not only is the difference in terms of viscosity or thickness but also in base oil quality, blending technology, and additives. The Liqui-Moly SYNTHOIL 0W-40 helps to protect all internet engine components by coating it with a thin layer of film. That film helps to reduce wear and tear considerably. The reduction of friction is what reduces wear, but it also improves fuel consumption and overall engine efficiency. Not only that the special additives used by the company also helps keep the engine clean of residue and debris. That’s something which is very important to extending the service life of your engine. It is also a feature that is not present in low quality or cheap motor oil.

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