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Why should you buy Liqui-Moly LEICHTLAUF?

When it comes to buying engine oils, you can’t go wrong with the Liqui-Moly brand. It is one of the most established brands of motor oil in Europe, and it's often recommended by European car manufacturers. The company has over the past decade introduced several different types of motor oil each designed for a specific type of engine. Liqui-Moly LEICHTLAUF is best known for its engine cleaning and protection qualities. Made from premium base oils the Liqui-Moly brand has tested each formulation rigorously to ensure that it meets current European emission standards. Plus, the motor oil is meant to be used in vehicles that are designed to be fuel efficient. All you have to do is purchase the right viscosity based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

When should the motor oil be changed?

Now, this is a question that many experts have addressed a number of times, but it still gets asked a lot. The reason why people are confused is because they assume that all cars and vans have the same oil change duration which is not true. Some cars need more frequent oil changes than others. Though the difference is in when they are changed. That said oil manufacturers like Liqui Moly have designed their motor oil so that they can be used for a few hundred more kilometers past the change date. It is essential to understand that even though you can extend the oil change when using the Liqui-Moly LEICHTLAUF without worrying about engine damage, it is not recommended. Your car’s manufacturer will also clearly state that you shouldn’t run the engine longer than it should be run on old oil.

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