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Why should you buy Engine-oil Liqui-Moly?

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Good and clean engine oil ensures that your engine remains healthy and has a long life as a result. However, over the years buying good engine oil has become a bit confusing. There are many new brands that seem to sell the same quality oil for half the price. But in reality that isn’t the case. These less established or new brands are in fact not selling high-quality oil because much of what they are selling is substandard. For instance, Engine-oil Liqui-Moly is blended from high-quality synthetic base oils, then a series of additives are added which perform functions like cleaning the engine, coating the pistons with a thin film, etc. Also, good brands test their engine oil before it is sold to ensure that it is suited for the engine it was meant for. Obviously, low-quality brands are skipping on these critical processes to save money.

What can you expect with branded motor oil?

Even though branded Engine-oil Liqui-Moly and low-priced oil may look the same to the untrained eye, the fact is that they are very different. Low-quality oil often does not have the viscosity mentioned on the bottle. Not using the right thickness has detrimental effects on your engine. Branded oil manufacturers take every step to ensure that their motor oils are of the proper viscosity. Each one is checked before being labeled. Then there is the fact that low-quality engine oil often starts off using substandard base oils, so the resulting blend cannot be trusted. Many tests have found impurities in the oil which is never a good thing for engine life. With branded motor oil you can trust that it is free from contaminants, as a matter of fact, it will clean your engine hence improving its performance.

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