Buy LIQUI MOLY 10W-40 Oils

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Why buy Liqui-Moly 10W-40 for your vehicle?

Liqui-Moly 10W-40 adds another layer of protection for car engines. The semi-synthetic motor oil is both cost effective and of good quality, extending the life of any engine. The oil works by creating a thick lubricating film across all sliding metal and frictional surfaces which lower the friction coefficient. So, you benefit from quicker cold starting and very little resistance even during extended driving sessions. It also improves performance under extreme loads like that of stop and go type traffic conditions. Plus, reduced friction means better stop speed, less engine wear, and reduced fuel consumption.

Buying a genuine product

Many people have complained that it’s hard to find genuine Liqui-Moly products. The reason being that many online stores are selling knockoffs to emulate the success of the brand. However, cheaper and sub quality versions of the genuine product can be detrimental to the life of your engine. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t consider the price but rather the reputation of the store. A reputed store like ours will only sell genuine Liqui-Moly 10W-40 or any other branded product.

Start enjoying top engine performance today

If you have not been satisfied with the performance of your car’s engine, it’s time to switch over to Liqui-Moly 10W-40. However, first refer to your vehicle’s manual to find out if this viscosity is right for the vehicle. Some cars require lighter oils while others may need thicker versions. You can search for and buy the complete range of Liqui-Moly products at discounted prices when purchasing from