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ÖL STOU 10W-30 Traktor
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Why buy the Liqui-Moly 10W-30?

The special formulation makes the Liqui-Moly 10W-30 a good choice for older engines, especially those of larger sedans. The company’s new engine cleaning technology helps boost the performance by clearing sludge and residue from the engine. That said it is the perfect engine oil for the hot weather in the IE. Plus, it lasts longer than most other motor oils even in start and stop driving conditions. But before you decide to buy any 10W-30 engine oil make sure to first check your car’s user manual to verify if it’s a viscosity that’s recommended by the manufacturer.

How does Liqui-Moly keep an engine clean?

One of the prime reasons why engines start performing poorly after a few thousand kilometers is the build up of sludge and reside. The residue is usually from external sources and can also be because of constant wear and tear. Either way, as the build up increases your engine has a tough time performing. It is for this reason that the Liqui-Moly 10W-30 uses a list of special additives which helps clear away the residue, usually along the engine wall and valves. It then coats the pistons and engine wall with a lubricating layer which increases performances by allowing for the smooth movement of the pistons.

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