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What is gear oil and why is it important?


You may have heard the mechanic say that your gear oil needs changing. The reason why it needs to be changed is because like all other lubricants it too can wear down, become thick and often end up looking like sludge. One of the tell-tale signs that the oil needs to be changed is that your gears will start to stick. Some motorists may even report a loss of power from their transmission. Grinding noises as well as creaking when the gears are changed can also indicate that the oil needs to be replaced. That said when changing the oil make sure to always invest in the quality oil so that the car’s transmission continues to function optimally.


Buy only branded transmission fluid


Gear oil is also referred to as transmission fluid. High-quality oil will protect your transmission from excessive wear and tear. It goes without saying that whether you drive a car with the latest automatic transmission or an old fashioned manual gear, using good oil makes a big difference. A good oil will not just make driving pleasurable, but it will extend the life of the transmission. Also, good quality oil lasts longer and so despite being slightly more expensive you save money on consecutive oil changes. Some oils also come with special cleaning technology which can clear away debris from the transmission which may cause it to sometimes malfunction.


We sell all types of transmission oils 


Buying a quality transmission oil is critical. At we only sell branded gear oils for all vehicles, like CASTROL, ARAL, FUCHS. You will also save time and money when purchasing transmission oils from us.