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A Brief Look Into GM Opel Oils

The GM Opel oils are made to meet the requirements of the Opel cars from General Motors. These oils are made under stringent testing conditions and are released into the market after extensive research and development for many months. They carry special formulation to meet the demanding needs of the Opel car engines. These engine oils will offer all the necessary performance and stability characteristics that the Opel car engines are looking for. These motor oils ensure the long life of the engine and its moving parts. These auto oils will protect the engine parts from the outset and will work effectively in all kinds of temperature conditions.

The Advantages Of Using GM Opel Oils In Opel Vehicles

The GM Opel oils are specifically formulated, and made to meet the demands and the needs of the Opel cars. Therefore, they are bound to offer complete performance and quality characteristics. These car engine oils will form a slick protective layer over the engine and its parts quickly and efficiently and therefore ensure complete protection of the engine system. As it is the lifeblood of the GM Opel cars, the oils will offer complete protection to the emission systems and ensure very better fuel economy than other standard oils. The wear and tear of the engine’s moving parts are greatly reduced when these special automotive oils protect them. These auto oils show excellent low viscosity, oxidation stability and anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. They will offer increased oil change intervals and also optimal performance in cold and high-temperature conditions.

Types Of GM Opel Oils On Sale

The best place to buy the GM Opel oils is the online store 5W-30 Dexos 2 Fuel Economy Longlife - This super synthetic engine oil is a high-quality oil that offers total engine protection and improved fuel economy. They are also suitable for all the classic Opel engines. These are 100% synthetic oils that ensure the long life of the engine and its moving parts. These GM Opel oils quickly form a protective oil layer over the engine even during cold start. 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic - This semi-synthetic motor oil is another top-class oil that meets the European oil specifications. These oils are known to offer very good fuel economy and quality engine protection at all times.