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About Glysantin Brand

Glysantin brand of engine coolants is produced by BASF, a Germany based company in 1920. It was started by BASF chemist Dr. Otto Jordan. The Glysantin series is Europe’s largest selling coolant. Glysantin was patented in 1929. The Glysantin series protects the vehicle engine and radiators from corrosion, overheating and frost.  The brand offers high-tech products for automobiles. Glysantin has most OEM approvals from the automobile manufacturers in Europe. The <strong>Glysantin engine coolants</strong> go through different tests such as corrosion test, compatibility test to ensure quality and performance.

Why Using Glysantin Coolant Is Necessary?

Without a proper engine or radiator coolant, the engine will become overheated, which will result in mechanical problems and engine breakdown. The coolant helps to dispel the heat produced by the engine. The coolant mixes with radiator water and prevents the water from boiling and freezing even when exposed to extreme temperature.  The Glysantin coolant ensures that the vehicle engine functions properly at any temperature. Adding right antifreeze is necessary for the working of the cooling system of the vehicle.

What Makes Glysantin Coolant The Right Choice?

Glysantin coolants are the right choice for your vehicle as most products are suitable for different types of engines. They are approved by leading vehicle engine manufacturers. It offers the best protection against overheating, frost and corrosion. They offer better functional reliability of the cooling systems for longer period. These coolants are produced using reliable German technology called Organic acid technology and Si-OAT technology. The product range from the brand contains corrosion inhibitors. The brand offers silicate-containing coolants as well as silicate free coolants. The corrosion inhibitors form a protective coating on metal surfaces. Glysantin products work best when diluted with water at the ratio 50:50. Some Glysantin Products Available Online - You can find coolants with different specifications for different types of engines from the online site Glysantin G48 - It is a premium quality engine coolant for cars which uses hybrid technology. This product contains organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors. Glysantin G30 - This is radiator antifreeze which is silicate free. This product uses OAT technology.  Radiator corrosion is prevented by the organic salts in the coolant. The product needs dilution before adding to the radiator. Glysantin G40 - This radiator coolant offers frost protection using silicate and non-silicate mixture. Need dilution before use in the vehicle.