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What type of brand is Fuchs?

FUCHS is a German company which develops, distributes and produces some of the leading lubricants in the automotive industry. The brand has over 100,000 corporate clients across the world, in addition to millions of loyal customers who swear by the brand’s quality engine oil. The company’s brand of engine oil ranges for ones meant for two-stroke vehicles like motorcycles to larger vehicles like trucks and buses. Each type of oil is carefully developed and further honed to ensure that cars and trucks benefit from the best performance.

What types of oils are sold by the brand?

Fuchs sells an array of engine oils for various small and large vehicles. The oils usually include a number of additives which improves cold starts, prevents the buildup of sludge and keeps the engine clean. Also, special additives improve lubrication and extend the life of the oil. Though vehicle owners are advised to change the oil at regular intervals as suggested by the manufacturer of the vehicle. That said the company makes it a point to back every product sold with a warranty so that buyers have the peace of mind knowing that they are buying a good quality lubricant.

We recommend original branded oil

At we always recommend that our buyers purchase original engine oil. We make an active effort to only sell oil by well-known brands like Fuchs. Plus, our agreement with various top end brands ensures that our buyers always benefit from competitive pricing. So, save your time and effort today by buying engine oil online at