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Why is Engine-oil Ford so important?


Ford is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world. The Mustang, for instance, is one of the most loved cars and is available throughout Europe. As a matter of fact, there are many Fords available throughout Europe and the IE. That said Ford has over the years designed and built its own engines. The latest engines are a marvel of engineering and deliver excellent power to weight ratios. However, Ford uses special alloys which make it resistant to several different types of wear and extended use. It is for this reason that Ford and experts recommend that owners use only Engine-oil Ford. The oil is meant for these specially designed engines and if anything extends their life considerably. The other reason to use this type of branded oil is the fact that it helps to keep the engine cool and clean which is key to its longevity and efficient performance.


Can any other engine oil be used apart from Ford?


Ford does not force people to use their engine oil. There have been rumors for years that Ford was trying to push people into buying their brand of oil but in reality that’s not the case. Ford’s user manual for all cars includes a list of alternative engine oil that can be used in that vehicle. However, the thing you need to keep in mind is that those motor oils will not harm your engine. Though they will not allow you to extract peak performance, and the reason for that is the oils are generic. A generic formulation is meant for all engines in general, whereas Ford’s oil is what we call a custom formulation for their engines. So, where possible always use Engine-oil Ford.


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