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What is good about the Fuchs Titan-Supersyn?


The Fuchs Titan-Supersyn is one of the best ultra-high performance, and fuel saving engine oils that money can buy. It is also available for a variety of vehicles both with and without the extended service intervals. The new formulation offers excellent cold starts and much lower oil consumption. It is a multifunctional engine oil based on the company’s innovative new engine technology. The company uses a patented additive technology to ensure excellent running of the engine in all types of conditions. Fuchs is known for manufacturing engine oil that offer quick lubrication to all parts of the engine, plus guarantees engine protection and much better oil pressure compared to the competition. So, vehicle owners can be assured of great overall performance whether they own a van or a passenger car.


Why choose the Fuchs brand?


When you are in the market for an engine oil one of the things you should always be mindful of is buying oil by a brand that you can trust. Over the years Fuchs has established itself as one of the leading brands in this industry. The company continues to introduce the latest formulations and the Fuchs Titan-Supersyn is no different. That being said the company is one of the few that continues to change the formulation as well as add new products to their range of motor oils with the introducing of the latest engines. It is important to bear in mind that many of the latest engines are designed to be economical. These engines are lighter, and smaller often made from alloys of aluminum and other metals. So, the engine oil that’s used should be compatible with the metals and other materials within the engine block. That is why quality matters.


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