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Titan GT1 Pro C-1 5W-30
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The new Fuchs Titan GT1 motor oil

The Titan GT1 uses the latest XTL technology which enables excellent cold starting and overall better engine performance. The oil can be used in all modern passenger cars as well as a few light commercial vehicles. What sets the Fuchs Titan GT1 motor oil range apart from the others is its ability to operate optimally across a full range of high and low temperatures. The XTL Technology helps to reduce engine stress, especially in engines using downsized components that work in tandem with fuel saving start-start systems. Experts have also noted that engines using high power density will also benefit from much better lubrication.

Why buy the Titan GT1 engine oil?

One of the biggest reasons why any passenger car owner should buy this oil is because it extends the time required for an oil change. The other big reason being that it offers a particular advantage to cars using an exhaust gas treatment system like catalysts or specific types of particulate filters since it helps to keep the conversion rate high in and in turn improves their lifetime. XLT-Technology has also shown to improve fuel economy as compared to an SAE-class of oil. The oil is specifically developed for Mercedes-Benz, VW, and BMW with both turbocharger and exhaust after treatment.

Buy Titan GT1 oils at the best prices

The Fuchs GT1 belongs to a premium class of oils and can help improve the performance of any engine. Despite the oil being premium quality we sell it at the best price. You can buy highly discounted engine oils from and save money today.