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Who should buy Ford Motor Oil?


When it comes to American automotive brands, no other is as iconic and recognized as the Ford motor company. The brand has been manufacturing passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks for over a century. However, unlike other brands, the company designs and builds vehicles that are unlike any other. Everything from the engine to the suspension is unique to the brand. It is for this reason that you can’t just use any engine oil except for Ford oil. The brand guarantees that your engine will run optimally when using their in-house motor oil.


When should you change the oil?


Regardless of the vehicle, you own the oil needs to be changed at regular intervals which are highlighted in the user manual. Some brands of cars like those manufactured by Ford can go longer without an oil change but only if genuine branded oil by the company is used. That said it is not recommended that people go a long time without changing the oil. If you are not sure of the last time the oil was changed, you can always pick some of it up on the dipstick and check its fluidity. If it still feels very oil and looks clear brown or golden, then it does not need to be changed. Though a dark color and water like consistency will suggest that an oil change is long overdue.


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