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Why should you choose the Elf brand?

Elf has maintained its presence in Formula 1 racing for over 46 years. However, in addition to being the racing lubricant of choice the company has been serving customers both corporate and individuals ever since 1939. It is a French company with humble beginnings and owned by the government until 1994. Later starting in 2004, the brand merged with Total in France but continued to maintain its rather elaborate list of high-performance motor oil. By all estimates, this brand of motor oil is now the fourth largest in the world, with availability on just about every continent.

Buying a lubricant for your car

Buying a reliable and high-quality lubricant can be a bit challenging especially if you’re not sure what the manufacturer recommends. Generally, people speak to their mechanics to determine what engine oil will work best. However, the first step is to make sure about your driving conditions. Will you be driving mostly in Summer or Winter for the next six months? If you’re driving in Winter, you’ll want to buy a thinner engine oil, so that it does not freeze or cause problems starting. Consequently, summers in the UK can be hot, so you’ll want to choose a slightly thicker oil. You’ll also want to make sure that the oil includes anti-freeze and engine protecting additives. Please contact your car’s manufacturer if you don’t have the user’s manual.

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