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Why should car owners buy Engine-oil Elf?

Buying motor oil is one of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining a car, it is also an aspect that many buyers get wrong. The fact is that good or excellent motor oil can help boost the performance of your vehicle while low-quality lubricants can end up causing engine damage. However, with such a large number of motor oil brands how do you know which one to buy. The rule of thumb that we like to call it in the lubricant industry is to buy a well-known brand. Engine-oil Elf is one such brand by French oil manufacturer who originally partnered with Renault to offer some of the best high-performance motor oil for racing vehicles. Today their lubricants are known the world over for being of excellent quality across the board.

Why does engine oil matter a great deal?

Many vehicle owners think that they can save money with cheap engine oil. It goes without saying that there are many brands of engine oil that are up to 75% cheaper than Engine-oil Elf and other major brands. However, it is essential to understand from a manufacturer’s perspective that corners have been cut to reduce the price. Often corners which matter like the quality of their base oils, use of additives, etc. have all been cut which results in low-quality motor oil. Low-quality motor oil will not keep your engine clean, nor will it provide adequate protection during cold starts. Then there is also the fact that low quality oil in itself will leave residue behind all of which leads to engine damage. Repairing a damaged engine may cost as much as a new vehicle, so it's never a good idea to use cheap motor oil.

Motor oil that comes with a guarantee has been selling high-quality engine oil for a very long time. We know just how important high-quality motor oil is and we also know that the key to keeping your engine running optimally is to use of the right engine oil. Fortunately, we only sell oil by well-known brands. Engine-oil Elf is one of the top most brands and comes highly recommended especially if you own a Renault. Though we sell an array of other motor oils too all of which come backed by a warranty. Plus, we ensure that pricing is precise and competitive. UK based buyers save money on shipping when buying from