Buy DELTIPARTS 5W-40 Engine oil

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Why should you purchase Deltiparts 5W-40 for a vehicle?

The Deltiparts SilverLine 5W-40 belongs to the class of high-performance motor oil. The oil has been carefully crafted to ensure that its compatible with the latest generation of fuel efficient engines. Deltiparts 5W-40 works extremely well in low temperatures owing to its fluidity, lower starting resistance, good thermal stability, and viscosity index. Car owners living in cold parts of the world will experience good performance, especially during winter when using Deltiparts 5W-40.

Motor Oils that you can trust

Deltiparts’ SilverLine brand of motor oil is continuously being improved to meet the needs of the latest vehicles. The brand uses the latest research and technology to formulate oils that help engines run better, longer and more efficiently. So, it’s a brand that many vehicles owners trust to deliver. The Deltiparts 5W-40 oil is just one instance of a world class brand of oil which has and continues to be tested independently. It is shown to extend the life of an engine, as well as improve fuel efficiency.

How to buy the right oil?

The Deltiparts 5W-40 cannot be used in every vehicle because all engines are different. It is important to refer to your vehicle’s user manual to determine if 5W-40 is the right viscosity. That said the SilverLine brand of products include oils of other standard viscosities, so it’s possible to find the right one for your vehicle. You can browse through and buy motor oils from us at for your vehicle at discounted prices.