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Why do car manufacturers recommend Cepsa?

Cepsa is one of the more established motor oil brands in Europe and North America. The company not only sells oils to regular car owners but also to businesses and enterprises. The company’s oil has also been extensively tested on an array of modern vehicles and have led experts to conclude that in fact the brand does manufacture modern, quality oil. In addition, it’s possible to find oil for cars, trucks and motorcycles across Europe which is another reason why car manufacturers like BMW recommend the brand to their buyers.

When should the oil be changed?

When you change the oil mainly depends on the car you drive. Some vehicles can go longer without an oil change while others cannot. However, brands like Cepsa use a number of additives which means that you can prolong the time between oil changes by as much as 20%. Though the company does not advertise longer engine oil change durations but it’s considered normal for car owners to delay the oil change by around 10%. That said it’s important to note that not all types of motor oil will retain their viscosity beyond a specific time period. It is why we recommend that you follow the vehicle’s oil change schedule.

Save time and effort when buying motor oil

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