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The Cepsa 15W-40 is the motor oil of choice for luxury brands


The Cepsa 15W-40 is often regarded as an all-purpose performance engine lubricant. Its specifications meet the requirements of modern day heavy American and European vehicles that use the latest engine technology. It is also compatible with EURO3, 4 and a couple of OEMs but without DPF. The oil meets all the specifications required by top luxury brands like Mercedes, MAN, Cummins, Volvo, Renault and Mack for mineral oil.

Excellent soot control and engine cleaning technology

Many features make the Cepsa 15W-40 stand out from other mineral motor oils on the market. The first being its state of the art soot control using the MACK EO-M PLUS and ACEA E7-08 level. Also, its formulation reduces so-called “polishing” in many of the latest vehicles that have a high power or are turbocharged. Unlike other mineral oils it does not suffer from instability at high temperatures, and so it’s able to maintain a constant oil film which protects all the engine’s moving parts. The use of modern additives and bases ensures low volatility and overall reduced oil consumption.

Buy the right motor oil for your car today

It is important to only buy a motor oil that’s right for your vehicle. The 15W-40 viscosity is meant for larger engines. It is for this reason that you should refer to your vehicle’s user manual. That said once you’ve decided to buy the Cepsa 15W-40 we assure you of a comparatively lower price when purchasing from