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What is Garden-use Castrol?


Many of the latest garden equipment are powered by an engine. Usually, the engine is a 2 or 4 stroke type depending on the equipment. However, contrary to popular belief these smaller engines don’t require the same type of lubrication as their larger counterparts. As a matter of fact the technology that drives them as well as how they are built is entirely different, so you simply cannot use a car or motorcycle oil in engines that are meant to power garden tools. The Garden-use Castrol is mainly meant for these types of smaller two and four-stroke engines. It is designed to provide the engine with consistent lubrication which is especially important when it stressed at high RPMs. This makes them perfect for tools like chainsaws, cutters, lawnmowers, etc. Though keep in mind that the light and heavy-duty versions of these power tools will also require a different type of engine oil.


Why does motor oil in garden tools matter?


It goes without saying that all engines are different. Every engine is built for a specific purpose. Car engines, for instance, are not made to be run at high RPMs, and so their lubricant requirements differ from a smaller engine meant to drive garden tools. Smaller two and four stroke engines are intended to be used at high RPMs. When Garden-use Castrol is used with high RPM engines, it helps to remove water, dirt and other impurities which are synonymous with high RPM motors. What’s more is that it also helps to keep the engine cool. Using any other type of motor oil for these engines may end up causing engine wide damage. The same goes for lubricants that are meant for high-performance tools which happen to be different from low performance or lighter tools.


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