Buy CASTROL 80W Oils

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How good is the new Castrol 80W?

Castrol is one of the many companies in Europe that has continued to improve their formulation. Their Magnatec technology has over the years proven that the Castrol 80W and many other of its variants have excellent engine cleaning technology. However, a recent update to their formulation has meant that now the lubricants last longer. Plus the 80W has the ability to apply a thicker layer of engine protection across all moving parts hence providing much better lubrication and improved engine life. It is for this reason that many believe it to be the best engine protection formula in the industry.

When to buy the an 80W oil

The ‘W’ rating of the oil is its viscosity. Not all vehicles are compatible with an 80W oil. That said the easiest way to find out is to refer to your car’s user manual. If it states that the 80W oil is compatible only then should it be used. Plus, in most cases, it should also only be used during the summer unless otherwise stated in the user manual. That said apart from the Castrol 80W there are many other variants to choose from so finding one for your car is very easy.

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