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The new Castrol 75W-140 formulation

The Synthetic Castrol 75W-140 is regarded as being one of the best multi-grade rear axle oils in the industry. It is designed to ensure superior protection of all the high-pressure metal parts. The lubricant makes it possible for the axel to operate in both high as well as extremely low temperatures something that regular mineral oils cannot do. The 75W-140 comes highly recommended by experts for the rear excels of the BMW, as well as 4WD drive axels as well as those that have limited slip differentials.

How can you benefit from synthetic oil?

One of the problems with the rear excels or the differentials of a 4-wheel drive vehicle is the fact that they vibrate a great deal. As the lubricant becomes old, the vibrations become more violent. Plus, it can have difficulty maintaining good performance. Conventionally used mineral oil will also not protect the metal parts from wear and tear. That’s why the Castrol 75W-140 is recommended. If anything, it not just prevents damage when the vehicle is under load, but it also ensures a safe ride through bad terrain.

Get the axel oil you need today sells an array of lubricants with rear axle oil just being one of the many. Experts and car manufacturers highly recommend the Castrol 75W-140, but we sell oil by other brands as well.