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How good is the Castrol 5W-20 for your car?

The Castrol 5W-20 has undergone a significant overhaul by the brand in the past year. The company has come out with a new formulation for the 5W-20 range of oils which offer improved engine performance and fuel economy. Known as the TITANIUM FST, it forms a thicker and stronger protective layer across the engine wall and pistons. The stronger protection helps protect the metal moving parts from extended wear and tear especially during stressful driving conditions. It also ensures better cold starts making it ideally suited for the IE’s winter conditions.

Using Titanium Fluid Strength

One of the most significant challenges for lubricant brands is developing a lubricant that lasts a long time especially when subjected to severe driving conditions. When manufacturing and developing lubricants, there are various comprises that need to be made, so some features are emphasized on compared to others. The Castrol 5W-20 focuses extensively on the strength of the lubricant. The Titanium Fluid Strength technology offers a much longer usage life, ensuring that drivers can prolong their oil change. Obviously, a prolonged oil change means that vehicle owners save money which is always a handy feature.

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