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How can Castrol 10W-40 be used?

The Castrol 10W-40 is regarded as being one of the best choices for large vehicles and especially 4 wheel drive vehicles. Castrol has completely revamped their formulation making it more effective at cleaning out the engine as well as adding better protection. Independent studies conducted have shown that the new 10W-40 formulation helps to increase engine life and reliability. Plus, since most commercial vehicles and 4WDs are driven under challenging conditions the lubricant is able to protect under those conditions too.

When should a 4WD oil be changed?

A 4WD or a four-wheel drive as it is called is meant to be driven in often difficult terrain like in desserts, rough roads and to be taken off-road. However, because the engine needs to push all four wheels at the same time when engaged, it is put under a tremendous amount of pressure. So, the oil may need to be changed more frequently. Fortunately, the Castrol 10W-40 can help to increase performance and improve engine life. Regardless of your driving conditions, the new formulation will ensure that your vehicle can run longer and more reliably.

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