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What Engines is Castrol Motor oil best for?


Castrol is a brand that manufactures and sells motor oil for just about all cars, vans and trucks in the UK. The company has over the years become famous for their magnetic engine cleaning technology. The new and improved version of the formula helps to clean older engines and yet prevents the build up of sludge within the engine. The oil also has anti-freezing additives which improve cold starts during winter. However, when it comes to choosing the right type of oil for your car always refer to the viscosity figures before buying.


Choosing an engine oil


Buying an engine oil can be as simple as referring to your car’s user manual to find out what’s recommended. Usually, the oils are listed in separate categories like for winter and summer. Ideally, you’ll want to buy a summer oil in the IE usually around February and a winter oil in September or October. Also, Castrol recommends that car owners replace the oil every 5k to 7k kilometers for ideal performance. Though some cars can run a little longer but many experts don’t recommend running a vehicle on old oil.


Buy branded motor oils for best performance


At when it comes to performance you can’t go wrong with brands like Castrol. It is for this reason that we only sell branded oil by well-known brands that we can trust. Also, our partnership and relationship with these brands assure buyers that they will benefit from competitive pricing. So, you save every time when buying from