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What are Castrol Commercial vehicle oils?

Castrol manufactures and sells a wide array of commercial vehicle oils that range from those that are meant for vans to trucks. Castrol Commercial vehicle oils are special in the sense that they need to be designed in a way that protects the engine from the damage caused by excessive heat and pressure. It goes without saying that commercial vehicle engines are also larger and as well as the parts within it so regular engine oil simply cannot handle the scale. The oil needs to be designed in a way that coats the inside of the engine with a thick layer of film which reduces friction and prevents engine damage.

How to buy oils for commercial vehicles?

Buying Castrol Commercial vehicle oils is just like buying oil for a car or motorcycle. You need to know the type of engine and its capacity. Also, the manufacturer of the vehicle will recommend a set of oils that are best used in that engine. Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations when searching for an oil. That said you also need to take the weather into consideration when buying lubricants for commercial vehicles. You certainly don’t want to use a heavy oil when its cold outside as it can make startups more difficult.

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