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Why is it recommended to use Castrol gear oil?


The Castrol is a household name when it comes to car oils. It is a very popular oil brand all over the world. Castrol has over 100 years of experience in developing quality gear oils and transmission fluids to meet the needs of all kinds of cars, from the classic to the new look cars. There is a wide range of gear oils on offer from Castrol that includes automatic transmission fluids, manual transmission fluids, straight oils, and extreme pressure gear oils.


Features of the Castrol gear oils for cars


There are different types of gear oil offered by Castrol to meet the needs of various vehicles. Some of them are:

  • Castrol Syntrans.
  • Castrol Manual.
  • Castrol SyntraxLonglife.
  • Castrol Axle EPX.

There are two main components in a very good gear oil: base oil and the additives. Castrol offers the best additives in the oil to offer the necessary properties and to reduce the impact of the undesirable ones. The additives offer the necessary strength and performance of the gear system and will also ensure that its performance is top class. It will also offer the best protection that the gear system needs.


Buy Castrol engine oil from genuine dealers


To extract the maximum out of the transmission system, it is important to use genuine manual transmission or automatic transmission fluids. Shop online at store to buy genuine gear oils at the most affordable prices.